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LBD Roboticsis an Educational Technology Company focused on leveraging Technology in Education, which will act as an Enabler for Students to Learn and Innovate in the field of STEAM, Robotics, IoT & Artificial Intelligence( AI).

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This interdisciplinary branch of computer science deals with the design and construction of “smart” machines called robots which can replicate human actions to perform a certain task. From augmenting the industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and construction to finding its tremendous scope in various R&D sectors and the study of the universe, robotics has revolutionized the STEM fields in an unprecedented manner.


Scope of Robotics in education

Robotics brings endless possibilities to the field of education by simplifying the intricacies of STEM and making learning a fun process for young minds. Simply playing around and practicing robotics as a hobby can help young learners boost their creativity, and enhance critical thinking and problem-solving ability.

Apart from the obvious, it tinkles the bell of curiosity in their minds and encourages them to explore the how’s and why’s of the gadgets’ working. They long to learn and create, do projects to feed their curiosity, and develop valuable soft and hard skills along with a love for STEM.

The robustness of robotics in almost every cutting-edge technological field also lays various career prospects for STEM enthusiasts. The learnings and ideas generated from practicing robotics can buoy them to dream of a career in one such field. Besides these, the valuable soft skills serve lifelong in every aspect of life even for those who do not choose robotics or STEM as a career.



How we help you in this?

LBD has a thoroughly skilled, knowledgeable and well-qualified team of young and dynamic trainers with field expertise. We offer you a fully programmed personalized training curriculum which we combine with the main classroom curriculum.





Our course begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what people do, think, say, and feel. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep an open mind while learning.

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