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LBD Roboticsis an Educational Technology Company focused on leveraging Technology in Education, which will act as an Enabler for Students to Learn and Innovate in the field of STEAM, Robotics, IoT & Artificial Intelligence( AI).

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Drones are flying robots that can be controlled remotely to carry out designated tasks. These are laced with features like cameras, sensors, and GPS that make them efficient for the tasks like collection of visual data, photos, videography, and localization of target areas. From carrying out operations in extreme conditions that are nearly humanely impossible to performing mundane tasks like delivering groceries, drones have been proven to be one of the most cost-effective and efficient technological advancements.


Drones in schools

Apart from incorporating the basic understandings of physics and mathematics drones engraves a deep enthusiasm toward STEM in the minds of young students. Operating drones significantly improves motor skills and hand-eye coordination and positively enhances focus. Drone compels students towards learning to code, and develop languages that could help them personalize the operating experience and thereby enhance creativity.
Various soft skills come in handy just by inculcating a practice of handling drones such as teamwork, out-of-the-box thinking, and problem-solving.


How do we meet these goals for you ?

We supply you with the latest and best qualities of drones. We provide the most competent trainers to facilitate students and teachers with proficient hands-on training. We also demonstrate to the students the scopes of drones in various subjects and shape their ideas by developing their own projects.




Our course begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what people do, think, say, and feel. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep an open mind while learning.

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